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A New Legal Defense Program for Police Officers who are members of the Fraternal Order of Police. This Policy Offers Protection through Legal Counsel when most needed.  

You can pay by check or money order.  We also accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards for credit card payments.

For consultations with an attorney during normal business hours of 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday, please contact Ruckelshaus Kautzman Blackwell Bemis Duncan & Merchant, LLP at (317) 634-4356. If you need to speak with an attorney after hours, please contact the paging system at (317) 353-3841.  

Legal Defense Fund Brochure

 Apply / Pay Online  - CLICK HERE If you wish to pay in two installments, then you will need to call the office at 317-635-5539, that fee for June - September is $48.75 and July - September is $32.50.  Amount online for June - March is $146.25 and July - March is $130.00.       

If you are a Lodge and paying for your members, please do not use this site, call the office and pay the lump sum for all at 317-635-5539. 

Associate Member Legal Defense Fund Application -  If you are an associate member/reserve, please use this form first prior to applying, by CC on-line.  Thank you.  Or you will need to call the office to apply by CC at 317-635-5539.  ***If a reserve or associate member and enrolling for the first time please use this form prior to applying with payment on-line, or you can apply by sending in the enrollment form with payment "again this is for 1st time enrollees that are associate/reserve members". 

“Membership fees paid to the Legal Defense Fund are not tax deductible.”


           November 21, 2022

                                                                        RE:      Enhanced Benefits/Increased Dues

Dear LDF Members:

            The Legal Defense Fund has experienced significant defense costs and expert witness expenses in representing and defending members across the state. We are engaged in providing defens4e for members on several high-cost state and federal cases. In order to maintain adequate fund reserves, the LDF’s Board of Directors voted on April 12, 2022, to increase LDF dues from $164.00/year to $195.00/year. The increase was presented at the Annual State FOP Conference on June 7, 2022, and approved by a vote of the members in attendance. This increase will be effective March 1, 2023, and will be reflected on your next statement.

            We must stand together through our legal defense fund to make sure our rights are protected. Your LDF membership card is the most valuable card you carry. Don’t leave home without it!

            Please be safe and continue to look out for one another.


                                                                        Tom Ashcraft, Chairman
                                                                        Indiana State FOP LDF Board of Directors

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