Legislative Report

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are a week closer to the turning point in this year’s General Assembly.  By February 27th and 28th, the bills must be finished in the House and Senate respectively.  You can tell which bills are moving by the amount of activity indicated on the report.  As explained in Legislative Report No. 1, approximately two-thirds of the bills we are tracking will die within the next ten days.  Next week is the last week for committee hearings. 

We continue to diligently attempt to move bills of interest and importance to our members and defeat bills that could do them harm.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact President Bill Owensby or myself. 



Leo T. Blackwell
Ruckelshaus, Kautzman, Blackwell,
Bemis & Hasbrook
107 N. Pennsylvania St, Suite 900
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
ph: (317)634-4356
fax: (317)634-8635

Legislative Report No. 7. 2017.pdf